How to Tell if Your Bunkmate is the Chullachaki

Christina (“Sunshine”), ready to do battle with any forest monsters!

While in Las Piedras, we learned about the legend of the forest creature known as the Chullachaki (Choo-ya-cha-kee), whose name comes from the Quechuan words Chulla (unpaired) and Chaki (foot). Able to appear in the form of any person or animal (minus one of its feet, which always remains the foot of a deer), the Chullachaki lures unsuspecting victims into the depths of the jungle, never to be seen again… It’s a story creepy enough to cause any volunteer or traveler to quake in their rubber boots. If the idea of crossing paths with such a monster makes you rethink your Perú travel plans, however, never fear! We here at The Forest Online have developed this handy-dandy flowchart for you to bring with you so that you can discern between friend and deer-footed foe:

Is Your Bunkmate the Chullachaki?


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