Forest Protection Team Photos

(RED) The textile artisanal women of Chinchero, giving a demonstration on how they dye their wool using natural dyes.


(YELLOW) A Cusqueña Dorada, the favorite beer of Cusco, and our lovely tour guide to Cusco, Giovanna, in the background.



(GREEN) Inca ruins in Moray, Northwest of Cusco
(BLUE) The plaza in Cusco in the evening.
(PURPLE) A mural that Jason, Christina and I saw while we were walking through Cusco.

The road was littered with fresh jaguar and puma footprints, as well as signs of illegal logging and hunting.
About 7 hectares of illegally deforested land originally part of Hoja Nueva’s concession.
Starting a campfire in the jungle takes about six hours.
Navigating through miles of bush with machetes, compasses, and spotty GPS signals.

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