Ecotourism: From the Rolling Hills of Central Maryland to the Rainforests of Peru

From Carroll County Dept. of Recreation & Parks

For two Environmental majors with an avid interest in nature and love for travel, a class preparing us for an adventure in Peru is the ideal academic setting. That trip, however, is not until January and we need to find our nature fix elsewhere to unwind from academic, extracurricular, and social stress during the semester.

Fortunately, we (Cris and Jase) have convenient access to a local park called Hashawha Environmental Center, which we use as a way to enjoy nature and de-stress.  Just a few weeks ago on a beautiful Maryland autumn afternoon, we found ourselves lost in nature at Hashawha, both figuratively and literally (We both love adventure but unfortunately neither of us have particularly strong navigational abilities)!  Not only does Hashawha provide a beautiful natural setting for the general public to enjoy, but it also serves as a unique way to preserve the native flora and fauna of the east coast of North America found specifically in Carroll County.

Photo by Jason Swartz (Hashawha Environmental Center)

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