Ecotourism: A Final Post

Photo: Elizabeth Mann

The purpose of the Ecotourism group was to work as mediators between the three other groups. We listened to their concerns and kept their respected objectives in mind as we assessed the situation at ARC Amazon.

We consider Ecotourism a viable solution for the diverse set of problems that each group faces. We understand the importance of protecting the jungle, but we also find it necessary to allow the native Peruvians to profit from their own land. We aspired to find the perfect balance between protecting the jungle, while serving the community by establishing a profitable ecotourist attraction at the ARCAmazon concession.

Photo: Elizabeth Mann

When we arrived in the jungle, we participated in and evaluated the activities that a paying ecotourist would engage in. We reflected on this experience and came to the conclusion that ARCAmazon would have to be apprehensive and thoughtful when making future decisions to avoid overpopulation of tourists, which could disrupt the stasis of the environment. We interviewed volunteers, workers, and community members what their personal definition of ecotourism was, and what it could mean for the future of ARCAmazon. Because we questioned people of different backgrounds and dispositions, where their personal purpose at ARCAmazon ranged from being a cook to a volunteer forest ranger, we found a common consensus in their compassion for the future of the jungle and Peru. Their response was overwhelming yet insightful as it created clarity. It spoke to our initial goals of ARC Amazon and it provided direction for the future of the organization. The future is looking up and ARCAmazon has already laid the foundation upon which they will build a sustainable ecotourism destination for nature-lovers and travelers alike.




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